Shree Chachaas Chai:
Crafted With Care,
Served With Passion!

Step into our world and embark on a journey through a tantalizing array of beverages that cater to every palate. From the soothing embrace of teas to the robust kick of coffee, the creamy indulgence of milkshakes to the refreshing zing of mojitos, and the timeless charm of lassis to the crunchy satisfaction of snacks – we've got it all.

At the heart of our operation lies our state-of-the-art steam machine, a marvel of modern technology that infuses our Chai with not just flavor but also health benefits which is fresh served within 30 seconds of order placed.


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Varieties Offered

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Our Top Three
Best Selling Tea

Masala Tea

Spice up your day with our aromatic Masala blend, a symphony of flavors that awakens the senses.


Ginger Tea

Embrace the warmth of our invigorating Ginger Tea, a soothing brew that comforts and revitalizes.


Cardamom Tea

Elevate your tea sipping experience
with a hot delicate fusion of tradition and indulgence.


Fabulous Words From Our Pleased Customers

"Chachaas Chai feels like entering a sanctuary of flavors and relaxation. From the tantalizing aroma of freshly brewed chai to the irresistible allure of their snacks, every visit is a culinary adventure. "

Madhav Mehta

"After a hectic day, nothing rejuvenates me like a cup of hot ginger tea. Their chai and coffee are like liquid hugs, instantly melting away stress and fatigue. Paired with their delectable snacks, it's a recipe for pure bliss. "

Jhakal Singh

"From the diverse menu offering teas, coffees, milkshakes, and more to the inviting ambience that exudes warmth and hospitality, it's a haven for relaxation and indulgence. Indeed an extraordinary place to rejuvenate."

Mohammed Azim
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